Project Need and Benefits

The project will meet multiple electric system needs in the Desert Southwest.

Why Is It Needed?

  • To improve reliability – There is limited existing electrical transmission capacity in the region, which causes system reliability risks.
  • To relieve congestion – Transmission capacity in the region is needed to relieve congestion and help local utilities access the most cost-efficient energy sources.
  • To sustain growth – The Desert Southwest area is expected to experience substantial long-term growth, creating increased demand for power and therefore a greater need for transmission capacity to provide that power.
  • To facilitate renewable energy – Satisfying the renewable energy requirements of western states will require access to transmission for renewable resources; a major challenge facing renewable energy development is insufficient transmission access.


What benefits does it bring?

  • Cost-effective, reliable electricity – By interconnecting with up to fourteen existing substation locations along its route, the Southline Transmission Project will enable local utilities to meet energy demands.
  • Local economic development – The Southline Transmission Project will facilitate local economic development through project construction, enhanced power reliability, and by enabling additional local renewable energy development.
  • Resource conservation – The Southline Transmission Project will minimize land use conflicts by working from federal and state energy and land use planning efforts, using existing infrastructure, and developing a route along existing infrastructure corridors.
  • Renewable energy – The Southline Transmission Project will facilitate the connection of renewable energy projects to the electric system, helping states in the Desert Southwest meet renewable energy requirements.
  • Smart, coordinated approach – The Southline Transmission Project team has worked closely with local utilities and other transmission providers since 2009 to ensure the Southline Transmission Project meets local needs and improves the region’s electric system.